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Technology Group Tbk (“INOV”), a company that recycles plastic bottle waste into recycled fiber, namely Recycled Polyester Staple Fiber (Re-PSF), is expanding its business by opening a bottle washing facility in Medan (Deli Serdang). This step aims to expand and secure the supply chain for raw materials to the island of Sumatra. Previously, INOV already had washing facilities in Solo and Mojokerto, in addition to Medan, INOV plans to open washing facilities in Makassar, Lampung and Balikpapan. INOV Director, Victor Choi said, "The opening of the washing facility in Medan is carried out in order to expand the raw material supply capacity for Re-PSF products. Apart from Medan, INOV also plans to open facilities
similar in Makassar. Each washing facility is planned to have a production capacity of 500 tons per month, the washing facility in Medan has started collecting plastic bottle waste in early July 2020, while for
facilities in Makassar will begin construction in 2021. " At the washing facility, plastic bottle litter is available
collected through several processes such as sorting, chopping, and washing
to produce plastic ore (flakes). These flakes will then be processed into Re-PSF,
INOV has a factory for processing flakes into Re-PSF which is spread across Karanganyar (Solo),
Mojokerto, and Tangerang. The washing facility in Medan will also be equipped with a plastic ore processing plant to become a RePSF. In Medan, as of July 1, 2020, it was only the bottle collection stage in preparation for activities
washing facility.

In Medan, as of July 1, 2020, it was only the bottle collection stage in preparation for the washing facility activity.

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