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Group Tbk
For taking action with Cool Earth to help the Asháninka people protect an acre of rainforest.
Slide Recycled products are exported to more than 10 countries in the world Is a clean-tech company m Slide Producing more than 3,000 tons of environmentally friendly fiber per month Is a clean-tech company m Slide m Is a clean-tech company Processing more than 3 billion bottled waste in Indonesia per year
About Inocycle

PT Inocycle Technology Group Tbk "INOV" is an Indonesian clean technology company based on the management of recycling PET (Recycle) and other plastic waste.

The Planet Mark ™

The Planet Mark ™ recognizes Inocycle's commitment to increasing sustainability to measure and reduce its carbon footprint every year. This certificate has become a social symbol of Inocycle.

9 SDGs

To date, Inocycle recycles PET bottles and has provided more than 1 million tonnes of carbon, and avoids using nearly 5 million m3 of landfill space and in reducing resource consumption.

GRS certification

GRS certification, an international product standard, provides requirements for third-party certification of content recycling, chain of custody, socio-environmental practices, and chemical requirements.

PET plastic bottles are not trash

Inocycle know the value in reclaiming used plastic PET bottles. The used bottle collectors have helped divert more than 90,000 tonnes of PET plastic bottles from landfill every year. Once collected, these used bottles can be turned back into bottles (as well as many other products), they have contributed to eliminating the possibility that these PET bottles end up being a pollution problem in the environment. This used PET bottle is too valuable to throw in the trash.

Commitment Inocycle towards continuous improvement through The Planet Mark ™ by protecting one hectare of the world's most endangered rainforest

PET bottles can be processed into many useful new products.

Inocycle recycles this PET bottle virgin PET equivalent, recycled PET (rPET) can be used to make many new products, including Polyester staple fiber/filament used for clothing, home textiles (blankets, pillows, carpets), automotive parts (carpets), sound insulation, boot linings, seat covers) and industrial goods (geotextiles and roof insulation), and new PET bottle packaging for food and non-food products. It is generally mixed in the virgin PET ratio for recycling, depending on the required application.

Pioneer of Recycled Polyester Fiber

Pioneers of plastic recycling, INOV is the largest plastic bottle recycler in Indonesia.


 Mengumpulkan botol PET<br> menciptakan pekerjaan.

Collect PET bottles
creating jobs.

PET plastic bottles are very valuable to throw away. This creates value and income opportunities for informal collectors. If one person collects 200 bottles over 240 days of the year, that translates to 1,450 kilograms per year.

PET daur ulang adalah<br>solusi berkelanjutan.

Recycled PET is
sustainable solutions.

PET packaging can be made up to 100% recycled PET, which recovers the materials and energy inherent in the original packaging. It can also be recycled several times.

Mendaur ulang botol PET<br> baik untuk lingkungan.

Recycle PET bottles
good for the environment.

To date, Inocycle recycles PET bottles and has saved more than 1 million tonnes of carbon and avoided the use of nearly 5 million m3 landfill space and reduce resource consumption.

m Forbes Indonesia Inocycle makes big business from recycling PET waste.

To date, recycling of PET bottles has reduced and saved more than 1 million tonnes of carbon, avoided the use of nearly 5 million m3 of landfill space, and reduced resource consumption. Recycling PET plastic bottles can reduce the need for raw materials and save energy. Recycling a ton of plastic bottles saves 1.5 tonnes of carbon compared to stockpiling or burning. m Recycling is the solution to the global waste problem.