Eco-friendly fiber

Inocycle Polyester fiber is a fiber product with a high quality level close to virgin grade that can be purchased by the public in the global market.

The recycled fibers produced by Inocycle are of high quality and used in the manufacture of pillows, dolls, mattresses, furniture, carpets / interiors for automotive and other non woven / woven items. The fiber that Inocycle produces is of high quality Anti-Static, Anti-Bacterial and fireproof. Inocycle's recycled fiber products are fiber products with the closest quality level to virgin grade that people can buy in the global market.

Hollow conjugated siliconized fiber Premium quality recycled fiber as a filling material (pillows, pillows, toys, beds, sofas, mattresses, etc.). Gusfil is known to have fibers that are smoother and lighter when used, and with the dominance of hollow materials (hollow fibers) make it lighter when used and with the combination of tight dacron fiber bonds, maintaining a better temperature.
Eco-friendly fiber

Kinds of product Inofiber

Hollow Conjugated Fiber

Special Function Fiber

Solid Fiber