About Factory

Inocycle adalah perusahaan Clean-Tech Indonesia yang berfokus dalam mengolah dan mendaur ulang botol PET dan sampah plastik lainnya. Menghadirkan solusi global untuk masalah lokal. Mengubah sampah menjadi sumber daya baru.


Inocycle Product

Inocycle products include Fiber, Non Woven and Home Appliances

Eco-friendly fiber

Recycled fibers produced by Inocycle are of high quality and are used in the manufacture of pillows, dolls, mattresses.

Non Woven

Non-woven geotextile is a product that is used in various industries such as mining and construction.


Inocycle also produces several home appliances (homeware) made from Re-PSF.

Revenue contribution

  • Eco-friendly fiber

  • Non Woven

  • Homeware

  • Other Product

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