About Factory

Inocycle adalah perusahaan Clean-Tech Indonesia yang berfokus dalam mengolah dan mendaur ulang botol PET dan sampah plastik lainnya. Menghadirkan solusi global untuk masalah lokal. Mengubah sampah menjadi sumber daya baru.


Investment Opportunities

Inocycle controls the domestic market for Hollow Conjugated Re-PSF, with estimated market share 50%. We expect an increase in market share after completion expansion of facilities Re-PSF.

CompanyProduction capacity per year (tons)Re-PSF TypeMain Sales ChannelQuality Level
Inocycle33.600HCDomestic-ExportMedium - High
PT HI24.000HCExportMedium
PT UH18.000HCDomesticMedium - Low
PT HF18.000SolidExportLow
PT TF12.000SolidDomesticMedium - High
PT GF10.800SolidDomesticLow
PT HDT6.000SolidDomesticMedium - Low
3-4 Smaller Other15.000SolidDomesticLow

Inocycle is the Largest Conjugated Re-PSF Producer in Indonesia

With an annual capacity of 30,000 tons, Inocycle is the largest Hollow Conjugated Re-PSF producer in Indonesia.

Historical World PSF Consumption and Future Predictions (in Kilotons)

Permintaan Re-PSF in the future it is expected to continue to increase along with the estimated increase in vehicle production, infrastructure development that will continue to run and an increase in population which will have an impact on increasing demand for clothing.

If this happens, Inocycle is a company in Indonesia that has the greatest potential to absorb the entire increase in demand with its production capacity and ability to handle large scale production.

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