About Factory

Inocycle adalah perusahaan Clean-Tech Indonesia yang berfokus dalam mengolah dan mendaur ulang botol PET dan sampah plastik lainnya. Menghadirkan solusi global untuk masalah lokal. Mengubah sampah menjadi sumber daya baru.


About Inocycle

PT Inocycle Technology Group ("Inocycle") was established in 2001, under the name PT Hilon Felt with its first factory in Tangerang. Inocycle is a company engaged in the production of Recycled Polyester Staple Fiber ("Re-PSF") by processing recycled plastic without waste. Re-PSF is the raw material for many of the Company's products, starting from manufacturing non-woven for automotive, construction, agriculture, infrastructure, and clothing and furniture. Inocycle is the only company in Indonesia that meets the Global Recycled Standards (GRS) certification in the use of Recycled Polyethylene terephthalate (PET).

Eco-friendly fiber

Eco-friendly fiber produced by high quality Inocycle which can be used for pillows, dolls, beds, furniture, automotive carpets / interiors and non-woven / woven products. The fibers produced by Inocycle can be divided into three types: Hollow Conjugated Fiber, Solid Fiber and Special Function Fiber. Most of the fibers produced by Inocycle are Anti Static, Anti Bacterial and Flame Retardant. Inocycle fiber is considered the closest quality to the virgin grade that people can buy in the global market.

Inocycle is a Clean-Tech Indonesia company that focuses on processing and recycling PET bottles and other plastic waste. Presenting global solutions to local problems. Turning trash into a resource.



"Become a Sustainable Recycled Fiber Company The Biggest Environmentally Friendly Products that produce World Class quality products ”


  • Produce eco polyester fiber world class with profesional industri
  • Business expansion through ‘Plastic Paythroughout Indonesia in a sustainable manner
  • Significant contribution in reduce waste pollution national and create living environment ideal and sustainable
  • Development of a national-scale production and sales network covers all cities in Indonesia for business Recycled Fiber.

Factory Location and Production Capability

Tangerang Plant

Area size: 65,423 m2
Production Area: 28,156 m2
Max Capacity: 10,200 tons
Facilities: Fiber Machine

Karanganyar Plant

Area size: 44,865 m2
Production Area size: 14,085 m2
Max Capacity: 10,200 tons
Facilities: Crusher, Fiber Machine, Washer

Mojokerto Plant

Area size: 22,884 m2
Production Area size: 7,222 m2
Max Capacity: 13,200 tons
Facilities: 1 Washer, 3 Boiler, 2 Fiber Machine

Salatiga Plant

Land Area size: 28,644 m2
Production Area: 9,479 m2
Max Capacity: 2,000 tons
Product: AR, FA, Hal, HDP, CF

Palembang Plant

Area size: 137,163 m2
Production Area: 13,766 m2
Max Capacity: 1,800 tons
Product: HDP, HP, Padding, HD, Carded Fiber

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