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Inocycle adalah perusahaan Clean-Tech Indonesia yang berfokus dalam mengolah dan mendaur ulang botol PET dan sampah plastik lainnya. Menghadirkan solusi global untuk masalah lokal. Mengubah sampah menjadi sumber daya baru.

Mirae Asset – Recycling pioneer

We visited Inocycle Technology Group (INOV/Not Rated), one of the pioneers among clean-tech companies in Indonesia with a market share of 50% in Re-PSF and non-woven under the parent company’s domestic sales network. Going forward, INOV plans to enhance its raw material supply through Plasticpay. In 2018, INOV posted a strong net profit of IDR16bn, more than double the 2016 figure of IDR7bn. Currently, INOV is trading at 23.3x of trailing P/E.Strong network sales domestically, new opportunity globally Indonesia is the 4th largest contributor of plastic bottle consumption in the world.

It is recorded that Indonesia used 4,82bn gallon of plastic in 2017. From all of the plastic waste
that Indonesia uses, only less than 10% is recycled. Inocycle sees this as an opportunity to create value out of plastic waste. Under Hilon Group, Inocycle manages to distribute its Re-PSF through Hilon’s domestic sales network, which enables Inocycle to have stable sales. On top of that, China banned the import of 32 types of waste material, including PET bottle waste and PET bottle flakes, in 2018, and has given Inocycle the opportunity to expand internationally.